How do we as Modern Men view refunds and returns?

We at Modern Men put customer satisfaction at the top of our list. If your merchandise is flawed, not intact, or you simply are not satisfied with your order feel free to email us with your order details, confirmation, and a brief description to our email. We are able and open to exchange or refund any order that is unsatisfactory. We at Modern Men try our best to accommodate our customers by helping them “put their best foot forward with the right socks to match”.

What is your shipping policy?

Standard shipping applies to all orders in the United States with a general flat rate shipping fee of $5. BUT as of recent, we have applied free shipping to all orders bought here with us at Modern Men Wear. Most orders ship within a 3-5 business day period and you will receive a shipping confirmation email containing a tracking number the day we ship your order.

Are there custom orders?

Currently we have custom knit ties, pocket squares, lapels, and socks. For any specific designs or idea implementation we would be happy to accommodate your wants and needs. Please email us with design information at


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